route zum strand
Robberg 5 Beach, 800m

Lala Panzi provides a navigation system on a computer screen at the reception, which shows a map with most facilities and activities that Plett has to offer.

Guests may conduct a quick search through the area information, e.g. for one of the 73 restaurants, using brief introductions.

Once a decision for a favourite has been made, guests may click on it to display more detailed information, including the menu, web address and exact location, if available.

Once a final decision has been made, guests may use their smartphone to scan the facility’s QR code, which is displayed for most major activities and attractions. The QR code transfers the route from Lala Panzi to the selected destination into the smartphone, so it can be used to navigate the target and back.

Navigation: Beispiel QR

Alternatively, if they have a google account, guests may send the navigation information to their smart phone and use google maps as navigation system.

The navigation has been grouped into two major groups of facilities.

  • The first one is for newly arriving guests to quickly check facilities within walking distance.
  • The other one holds restaurants and attractions, which require the use of a car.
Guests may browse through the brief introductions and check for more detailed information by using the links provided. Once done guests may transfer the navigation to their smart phone.

We are pleased to help with the workings of the system. We will also explain to our international visitors how to get a South African pre-paid SIM card for their smart phones, so they can use Google Maps as navigation system. Furthermore, we additionally help with reservation.